Neelam Valley

Neelam Valley (75)

Neelam Valley

Neelum Valley is a 144 km long bow-shaped valley in Azad Kashmir Region. The Valley is situated at the North & North-East of Muzaffarabad (The Capital of Azad Kashmir).Running through the Lesser Himalaya, the Neelam River valley has excellent scenic beauty, panoramic views, towering hills on both sides of the noisy Neelum river, lush green forests, enchanting streams and attractive surroundings make the valley a dream come true.
Neelum valley is one of the most attractive places for tourists due to its famous lush greenery, springs, streams, lakes and hilly and sloppy mountains. Some of its famous places like Athmuqam, Kutton Jagran, Karen, Neelum, Ratti Galli, Baboon, Noori top, Sharda, Sharda Fort, Sharda University (The Oldest University of Sub-Continent), Arrang Kel, Surgon, Halmet, Taobut and many more.

Neelum is one of the most beautiful valleys of Azaad Kashmir, and it hosts several brooks, freshwater streams, forests, lush green mountains, and a river. Here, you see cataracts falling down the mountains; their milky-white waters flowing over the roads and splashing against the rocks, before commingling with the muddy waters of River Neelum.

In addition, Neelum Valley offers you to visit the most beautiful lake “Ratti Gali”. Patlian Lake and Baboon Top are new addition in Neelum Valley’s attractions. You can access Ratti Gali, Patlian and Baboon by 4*4 vehicles.

Arang Kel

Arang Kel is listed among the most beautiful places of the world. and lies in the heart of Neelum Valley. The route to Arang Kel is moderately difficult and it takes about an hour to reach there. It is a small lush green village with a serene environment. Arang Kel is the true depiction of the phrase “Heaven on earth.” The nights of Arang Kel are simply astounding, full of stars beaming high in the sky against a black backdrop. It is an amalgamation of colors and landscapes and provides you with a peaceful ambiance.
Kel is the most alluring tourist destination of Pakistan, the Shounter Nallah joins River Neelum at this point and eventually leads to Gilgit Agency over the majestic Shandur pass. Kel is located near the Line of Control. It's a town with a significant presence of Pakistan army. Kel is a base camp for Arang Kel and Chitta Katha Lake. Kel bazar is famous for Kashmiri handicrafts and dresses. This town is home to rich Kashmiri culture and serene Himalayan landscape. Alpine forests densely grown to the peaks of the Himalayas with blue Neelum river flowing at its peak in summers is a scene worth watching. In winters valley turns white with an average snowfall of more than 6 feet unveils a pristine landscape.
Sharda is a small town nestled deep in the Neelum Valley and is yet another place that one should not miss! The rumor has it that this town was named after the legendary princess Sharda and is, without doubt, the most enchanting landscape in Pakistan. Sharda is most famous for the ruins of the dilapidated temple of a Hindu goddess Sharada Perth, Sharda being a depiction of learning for Hindus. In the morning the sun gleams over the river, giving the whole vista a heavenly touch. In winters with the average snowfall of 3-4 feet; Princess turns all white.
A 144 km long bow-shaped thickly forested region in Azad Kashmir in Pakistan Administered Kashmir. It is named after the Neelum river, which flows through the length of the valley. The valley is situated in the north-east of Muzaffarabad, running parallel to Kaghan Valley. The two valleys are only separated by snow-covered peaks, some over 4,000 meters (13,000 ft) above sea level. The valley is connected from Muzaffarabad by Neelam road, which leads up to Kel. The road condition from Muzaffarabad to Athmuqam is very good and suitable for any kind of transport. From Keran to Kel road condition is not well and not suitable for low floor vehicles. In winters road onward Keran is blocked due to heavy snowfall and it is very difficult to reach upper parts of the valley. Vans service is only available from Muzaffarabad to Athmuqam after every 30 minutes. Buses run daily between Muzaffarabad and Kel in good weather. Jeeps and horses are available to reach remote areas of the valley.
Recommended Gear:
•    Fleece/Sweaters
•    Muffler (highly recommended)
•    Gloves (highly recommended)
•    Beanie (highly recommended)
•    Hand wash/soap/sanitizer, wipes, tooth paste and all other necessities
•    Sun Block and Sun glasses

•    Location: 200 kilometers from Muzaffarabad, 39 Kilometers from Kel.
•    Coordinates: 34.726803, 74.712702
•    Elevation: 2291.9 m or 7519.4 feet
•    How to get here/Transport? Unpaved road from Kel to Taobut. 4WD is recomended. Sedans can’t make it to Taobut. Public transport is available till Kel. Hire a jeep from Kel or drive yourself if you are on a 4WD vehicle.
•    Ideal Camping Time: July till September
Arang Kel
Arang Kel is one of the most beautiful spots in Azad Kashmir. You can reach here via a hike or chairlift trip from Kel, which has a paved route and is accessible by public transport. It is best to camp here from June to August.

•    Location: 19 Kilometers from Sharda. Kel, Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir
•    Coordinates: 34.810318, 74.346130
•    Elevation: 2379.0 m or 7805.0 feet
•    How to get here/Transport? Paved Road to Kel. 2 kilometers trek through forest OR take a chairlift from Kel to Arang Kel. Public transport is available to Kel from Muzaffarabad.
•    Ideal Camping Time: June till August
•    Location: 136 kilometers from Muzaffarabad.
•    Coordinates: 34.795804, 74.188337
•    Elevation: 1873.3 m or 6146.0 feet
•    How to get here/Transport?  Public transport is available all the way to Sharda. All kind of private cars can easily make it to the camping site. The road is paved.
•    Ideal Camping Time: June till September
•    Location: 57 Kilometers from Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir.
•    Coordinates: 34.652120, 73.950186
•    Elevation: 1513.7 m or 4966.2 feet
•    How to get here/Transport? Paved road up till this camping site. Public transport from Islamabad to Muzaffarabad,  and then from Muzaffarabad to Keran. This site can be        accessed by private cars including Suzuki Mehran.
•    Ideal Camping Time: May till September
Upper Neelum

This is one of the more popular destinations in Azad Kashmir and has been developed quite well. It can be accessed by private vehicles and has a lot of facilities for visitors. It is best to camp here between the months of May and September.

•    Location: 5 Kilometers from Keran.
•    Coordinates: 34.665162, 73.945583
•    Elevation: 1805.8 m or 5924.4 feet
•    How to get here/Transport? Paved Road up till Upper Neelum. Public transport is available up till Keran. Local Jeeps can be hired from Keran to reach Upper Neelum. Hiking is other option but not suitable with all the camping gear. All sorts of Private cars can easily make it to this camping spot.
•    Ideal Camping Time: May till September

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