Daral Lake

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Daral Lake

Daral Lake also known Daral Dand is an alpine scenic lake in the hill top of Bahrain a region of Swat Valley in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa the Province of Pakistan. It is situated to the northeast of Saidgai Lake.

The lake appears as giant amoeba like in shape and stretched over a huge area.Near the lake, there is an ancient mosque where shepherds and visitors offer their prayers and use it as a resting place for night.

The magnificent Daral Lake is guarded and shackled from all sides by gigantic mountains and not even a trickle of water escapes the huge and sprawling lake. The notion that Daral Lake is the origin of Daral river, as the lake is literally land locked. A small stream pours from this lake to the roaring Daral river. On the way down to Bahrain valley in the deep gorge carved by thick canopies of conifer, pine and cedar forests always hover over your head providing shelter from the blazing sun.

An expert and keen observer of herbal plants will discover boundless treasures of herbal plants here. The track down to Bahrain valley is an extremely long but easy to walk trail which winds up in Bahrain valley after relentless trekking for eight to nine hours. The beautiful sights and landscapes on the way down are saved forever in your memories to cherish later in moments of tranquility.

How to reach Daral Lake

Daral Lake is accessible only during the summer; during the winter, the trails which lead to the lake, are closed due to heavy snowfall. while in summer, it can be accessed from Bahrain via Saidgai lake after two or three hours of rigorous trekking. Alternatively, it can be visited from Gabina Jabba.

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