Kooh Lake in Anakar Kalam Valley

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Kooh Lake in Anakar Kalam Valley

Perched amid high mountains, Kooh Lake ─ a 'colour-changing' glacial lake in Anakar, Kalam valley ─ stands out from the 50 other such lakes spread over the alpine zone of Swat valley.

The lake, popular for its pristine water, is located 10,800 feet above sea level and can be reached after a seven- to eight-hour-long trek that guides visitors through a beautiful, lush-green valley.

It has nonetheless become a wildly popular attraction for local tourists and adventure seekers.

A stream running down along the trek to Kooh Lake.

Tourists are mesmerised by the lake as they catch its water suddenly change colour: from blue, to green, to crystal clear.

“This lake is different from other lakes in Swat due to its unique colours, which attracts visitors and leaves them in awe," Azhar Uddin, a professor in Swat University and a trekker who visited the lake with his friends, told Dawn.