Lulusar lake

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Lulusar lake

The Lulusar lake is located in the extreme north of the district, in a valley formed by high mountains. The lake itself is not that high with its elevation coming in at only 3,000 meters i.e. 10,000 feet above the sea level. However, the snow capped peaks that give the lake its name are in another league and may reach heights of up to 3,410 meters. The extreme height of the mountains keeps them covered in snow the year long, but the lake is located in a special zone where water can flow in some months of the year.

The best time to visit Lulusar Lake is the beginning of summer. Many people think that mid-summer will be the best time to visit but that is a misconception as by the time summer has set in the lake will have lost much of the snow near it and the sun will have become harsh. Furthermore, with the road being laid next to the lake, it is now possible to travel easily and the snow melting is nothing to wait for. The best time is, therefore, from end of May to end of June. After June the lake will not have much snow, only the greenery will be seen. It must be kept in mind that many people want to see the lake with green surroundings. So, for this kind of trip, the best time visit is from the mid of July till mid of august, as all of the snow will have melted and the lake will have lush green surroundings.

How to reach Lulusar Lake

If you are going to visit Lulusar Lake then the best way to travel is by jeep. There is a metaled road which has been laid right next to the lake. The easiest and the most enjoyable traveling tip is to visit Lulusar lake, then continue to the top known as Babusar top, then return back the same day without camping on the lake. This is easy and more exciting than simply walking to the lake and camping there for the night. The trip usually takes three days. Here is how you can plan it.

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