Rush Lake

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Rush Lake

Rush Lake is the highest lake in terms of altitude and height located in the Gilgit Baltistan province of Pakistan. The closest peak to the lake is the Rush Pari Peak which reaches an amazing height of 5,098 meters above the sea level or 16,726 ft. The lake itself is located at an elevation of 4,694 meters above the sea level. This makes Rush one of the highest alpine lakes on the entire planet and the highest in the entire country.

The distance of the lake from the nearest base is about 15 km. The nearest base is the Miar Peak which is located in the south of the lake along with Spantik which is often called as the Golden Peak. Both of these peaks are located in the Nagar valley.

Rush Lake Wildlife Nature

Travelers reports that brown bears and leopards have been seen in the area but these reports are usually from places which do not fall under the route of this trek. However, the trekker will see many mammals such as the majestic Urial and the Ibex. But these have grown less and less in number ever since humans have encroached into their habitat.

Marmots will be a common sight on this trip, as well as the otters which will be ready to come out of their habitats during the summer months. Weasels may also be occasionally seen. Other animals will include the various varieties of the mountain goats which are very adept at getting hard to reach spots in the mountains. There will be many birds such as the eagles and the hawks as well as osprey. Snow pigeons can also be visible if they are nesting close by. Other than that, the blue tits, warbles and other birds of their kind will be seen.

As for the flora, the lake is surrounded by different aquatic species and there is abundance of rushes, pondweeds, lilies, and Chara. Cespitose and tussock, marsh fern, joe-pye weed, marsh pea, turtle head, bog aster and swamp louse wort can be found dominating sedge meadow. Besides these, you can also be able to find oak openings as well as dry-mesic forest at surrounding uplands. So, you can rest assured that you are going to explore the natural beauties and find some cherishing new species of plants and flowers on your trip to the Rush Lake. It is going to be a great experience for sure!

The best time to visit the Rush lake is during the summers. This is partly due to the condition of the glaciers but the more important reason for this time is that the trek on the route of the lake takes the hikers through some very immense meadows and the time of the flowering of many plants is the mid of the summer season. If you go any time late you will see that the plants have flowered and then withered; and if you go any time earlier the vegetation will not have taken off and the land will be barren. So, the reasons for visiting the lake in the summer season are two-fold; one that the lake is easy to get to and the second is that the route leading to the lake is very beautiful.

How to reach Rush Lake

Its was really wonderful experience in my life ever to visit Rush Lake Trek located in Nagar Valley,Gilgit-Baltistan where the gateway to the trek is Hunza Valley.First reach Hunza and have a one night stay and then proceed plan ahead.We just buy ration as required and as per stay over there.There is 45 minutes jeeb drive from Hunza to Hooper Valley.Hire porter and guide will be with from the start if you travel with company and if your are planning yourself you should hire a local guide.

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