Baltoro Kangri

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Baltoro Kangri

PakPeak Baltoro Kangri (also known as the Golden Throne) is a mountain of the Karakoram  range in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. With an elevation of 7,312 m (23,990 ft) Baltoro Kangri is among the top 100 highest PakPeaks.

Almost 60 km long Baltoro Glacier which is one of the largest glaciers outside polar regions rises from the foot of Baltoro Kangri.Baltoro Kangri  lies to the south of the PakPeak Gasherbrums and east of PakPeak Chogolisa (7,665 m). In the north of Baltoro Kangri is the Abruzzi Glacier emerging from foot of  PakPeak  K2.

Boltoro Kangri is part of  PakPeaks Chogolisa Group that consists of almost 18 PakPekas including five Baltoro Kangris (I,II,III,IV and V) and PakPeak Pioneer as sub peak / subsidiary  of Boltoro Kangri I.For ease of reference these six closely located PakPeaks can be mentioned separately as a Baltoro Kangri Sub Group within the larger PakPeaks Chogolisa Group.

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