Musa Ka Musala

Kaghan Valley (75)

Musa Ka Musala

Musa Ka Musala stands at an elevation of 4080 meters at the intersection of Siran and Kaghan Valleys in Himalaya. The name means “Moses’ Mat” which has distinctive stories connected with it. While some trust it to be named after a local shepherd with the name of Musa who used to implore at the crest, some even credit it to the prophet Moses. At the top, there is a Shrine made up of various stones and set apart with vivid banners. Its status has dependably been disputable whether, it is a top or level.

It is arranged 150 kilometers (93 mi) north of the city of Abbottabad in Himalayas, Pakistan. A street from Shinkiari, a tehsil of District Mansehra, paves the way to Mandakucha the most regularly utilized trek is Mandakucha, Jacha, Bikhi, Jabbar, Khorri (Gali) and Choti ZiaraGali.

At 4,076 metres, this mountain in the Kaghan Valley offers an easy and very scenic hike up to its summit. It translates into “Moses’s Mat”, and is named after a local legend involving a local shepherd who would pray on its summit.

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