Darkot Pass

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Darkot Pass

The Darkot Pass, a historic and strategic route between Cenral Asia and the sub-continent, is the main focus of this trek. We start from Gilgit, the administrative capital of Pakistan’s Northern Areas, and from here turn north towards the Darkot Pass. After Darkot we spend several days walking along the Wakhan corridor with excursions to the Broghil and Shahjinali passes on the Afghan border. Then we enter Chitral including an excursion to visit the fabled Kalash people before crossing into the beautiful Swat Valley. The tour ends in the legendary city of Peshawar, the capital of the North West Frontier Province.

This splendid trek gives a joy to those wish to walk over 4000 meters passes and enjoy of glaciers. It takes 5 to 22 days depends your time you wish to spend on trekking. This trek starts the wast Darkot village of North Pakistan and ends in three distinctive part of Chitral and Gilgit Baltistan/Northern Areas. As described above in the previous post trekking in Broghil and Korumbar Lake. This is the alternative trek towards Darkot Yasin from Ishkarwarz to the Southeast to the scenic and historical Darkot pass 4575 meters.
Ishkarwarz to Darkot Base Camp.
  Three to four hours. The path rises through undulating pastures to Chickar, the last settlement until Rawat, about 20 km away across the pass. Two and half hours easy walking along an excellent path on the side of the valley with first the river, then the glacier on your side takes you to the campsite surrounded by stone wall at 4100 meters and 100 metres above the glacier with views of white-tppoed peaks of Hindu Kush all around hopefully you will enjoy the natural beauty if you are lucky enough to have good weather.

  Darkot Base camp across the Pass to Rawat:
   Six to eight hours walk, for half an hour you will walk on the moraine of the glacier, then walk up to the middle of the wide flate Darkot glacier, crossing crevasses and streams of crystal clear ice water on the glacier for an easy two hours to reach the pass-- a flate circular pan cack at 4575 meters, that takes an about to half an hour to cross. In all directions, views of the granite peaks interspersed with glaciers. A glaciated ridge 200 metres high separated you from Zindikharam Pass ( will be mentioned in the next post.
  The descent to the Darkot side is steeper and need more careful while descending. It is wet and sleepry in the morning. After finishing the glaciers, you will be in  well-made path on the left and continue descending. You will reach a wonderful campsite of Rawat with clean spring water and grassy sof camping place the people Yasin Valley will welcome warmly and offer local dishes with salty tea an amazing experience of the people.
  Camp at 3700 meters and enjoy you afternoon with views of splendid valleys all around.

Rawat to Darkot:
  An easy walk of 2 hourcs on jeep roads to Darkot village giving a surprise the poeple your arrival in the Village and the villagers will happy to see you and welcome warmly. The Village is at 3300 meters.
  You can continue another 4 days trek from here to Ishkoman over Punji Pass or Attar Pass, if not you can drive to Gilgit or your next destination as  your program. I hope you will enjoy reading about this trek. If you wish to have an experience of the  trek feel free to contact.
 During the trek if you wish to ride on yalk or horse you can enjoy having this opportunity. I once used horse for a member who got altitude sickness on Kurombar Lake and came down to laskargaz by walking four hours.

 It was the time of dinner he was attacked by the sickness and we identified luckily and decided to move at the same time and we had horses  with us along with porters. It was great decision that i made with my leader and came down otherwise it could have been serious problem. By that time it was beginning of my guiding, still had common sense of making decisions on sudden time needs.

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