Shumber Water Fall

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Shumber Water Fall

Shumber waterfall, Shahdara Village is near BaraKhu, Islamabad. It’s a 45 minutes’ drive from Rawalpindi. To reach the actual water fall, water slide and green pond, you’d have to hike half an hour on a generally straight track. Even women and children can reach the site. Just beware of rowdy students of Quaid e Azam University in the peak summer months, bathing there.

I had never heard of Shumber waterfall. I had no idea there still is a peace of green heaven remaining in Islamabad — but there is. It is a light green pond of crystal clear water that collects from Margalla hills. People have still not reached there to smirch the natural beauty and wild life.

For the Islamabad crowd , No, it’s nowhere near trail 5, Margalla Hills.

The mountain leopards’ of Shumber waterfall & Shahdara are now feeling the heat. Reportedly, land grabbers have cleared out natural vegetation in the area and that has reduced the game lands for these beautiful predators. A few goats and cows have already been hunted by these leopards mostly because they fiercely protect their turf.

Shahdara village people have reported seeing one family of leopards with two cubs that roams the thick bushes at night, drinking water from the same Shumber waterfall and Shahdara streams.

We trekked to Shumber waterfall pond, walking straight up the near-dry stream. Boulders were a little tricky but as they were dry in the spring months, there was enough foot grip over them.

The deeper we went into the ravine, the more greener and peaceful it became. One turn later we saw the water fall that originates in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa. The water fall starts flowing in the summer months, when the snow melts on the top.

At Shumber waterfall site, I was constantly on the lookout for the renegade leopard and rogue monkeys in the bushes.

Kids jump from the top of the water fall into the water crucible of solid stone below. There is a natural water slide there too that terminates into another beautiful pond.

At Shahdara, the speed of the water starts picking up in the month of March.

I wanted to hike further into the Margalla mountains where I heard is a Mughal era Check post on the mountain top complete with barracks and a well, but postponed it for a  later day.

The Einsteins’ in CDA are planning to build a concrete canal with embankments for tourists at this site. Will someone tell them the beauty of Shumber water fall & Shahdara stream is its natural beauty?

I wish our people would let Mother Nature be.

On the return journey from Shumber water falls, we stopped for Doodh Patti Cha (milk tea) and fries at Shahdara village, while sitting in the center of the clear water stream.

Video Shumber Water Fall

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